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Who is CopperSun?
  • Nic Whittam
Where are you from?

Born in Whalley, Lancashire. School in Accrington & Clitheroe. University in Durham. Worked in various locations in the UK and abroad. Worked on may different types of projects, covering new office build and office moves to software design, build and installation.

What makes you tick?

Lots of things!

I enjoy dinning with friends at home and in the local restaurants.

Iím frequently to be found attending live music performances, covering many styles, throughout East Anglia.

Iím a governor at my local primary school and I very much enjoy being able to give something back to the education system.

Iím refurbishing my house and garden. Things are going well, we should have a kitchen soon!

What do you want to be doing?

Iíve been bitten by the Ďbuilding bugí and am very keen to work on new build projects. I am enthusiastic about construction management especially onsite health & safety.

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